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1/4 Mazda 20B Rotary Engine - Assembled

1/4 Mazda 20B Rotary Engine - Assembled

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1/4 Mazda 20B Rotary Scale Engine made by dbsworks.

  • Highly detailed from top to bottom.
  • Realistic dimensions, all bolts and holes are represented
  • Painted to replicate aluminum, plastic, and other surfaces
  • Highly detailed Intake manifold and rotor housings.
  • Materials: 3D printed plastic. Avoid direct sunlight or very hot environments.

Size: 16x17x17 (centimeters)

The Mazda 20B engine is a high-performance rotary engine developed by Mazda. It represents an evolution of the rotary engine technology showcased in the 13B, featuring a triple-rotor design. The 20B engine is renowned for its exceptional power output and smooth operation, making it a sought-after choice for enthusiasts and sports car aficionados.

Introduced in the early 1990s, the 20B engine was primarily used in Mazda's flagship sports car, the Mazda Eunos Cosmo. With its three-rotor setup, the 20B engine offers increased displacement and power compared to its predecessor, the 13B. This translates to improved performance and a more exhilarating driving experience.

The rotary engine's unique design, characterized by rotating triangular rotors within a chamber, enables the 20B engine to achieve high RPMs and deliver power in a linear and responsive manner. While offering impressive power output, the 20B engine maintains the compact size and lightweight nature inherent to rotary engines, contributing to the overall balance and agility of the vehicles it powers.

Despite its performance capabilities, the 20B engine faced challenges such as fuel consumption and emissions regulations, which ultimately led to its limited production and availability in select markets. Nonetheless, the Mazda 20B engine remains a legendary powerplant cherished by enthusiasts for its unique characteristics and contribution to Mazda's legacy of innovation in automotive engineering.

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