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1/4 F136 FB Scale Engine - DIY Kit

1/4 F136 FB Scale Engine - DIY Kit

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1/4 F136 FB Scale Engine made by dbsworks.

  • Highly detailed from top to bottom.
  • Realistic dimensions, all bolts and holes are represented
  • Highly detailed Intake manifold with both plenums and throttle bodies
  • Materials: 3D printed plastic and resin. Avoid direct sunlight or very hot environments.
  • This is a DIY KIT, it requires cutting, sanding, painting... recommended for experienced scale model builders only.

Size assembled: 18x24x20 (centimeters)

The "F136 FB," epitomizes the pinnacle of automotive engineering excellence. As the beating heart of this iconic sports car, the F136 FB is a naturally aspirated 4.5-liter V8 masterpiece that melds power, precision, and innovation.

Engineered to deliver extraordinary performance, the F136 FB's configuration features eight cylinders arranged in a compact V-shaped layout at a 90-degree angle. This design not only optimizes weight distribution but also enhances the car's agility and handling prowess.

The engine's 4.5-liter displacement is achieved through meticulous design considerations, balancing the demand for high power output and robust torque delivery. It embodies commitment to extracting maximum performance from every cubic inch of displacement.

A hallmark of the F136 FB is its ability to rev to exhilarating heights, achieving RPMs of up to 9,000. This feat is made possible by a combination of lightweight components, precision engineering, and a thirst for pushing boundaries.

The F136 FB incorporates advanced technologies such as direct fuel injection, which injects fuel directly into the combustion chamber at high pressures. This approach enhances combustion efficiency, power generation, and emissions control.

Paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, the F136 FB's power is harnessed seamlessly, enabling lightning-fast gear changes and instant power delivery. This harmony between engine and transmission results in blistering acceleration and an unforgettable driving experience.

In essence, the F136 FB engine isn't merely an assembly of components; it's a symphony of engineering ingenuity. From its meticulously crafted internals to its cutting-edge technologies, this V8 masterpiece defines the driving experience, encapsulating the brand's dedication to pushing the limits of performance and innovation.

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