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1/4 Mazda 13B Rotary Engine - DIY Kit

1/4 Mazda 13B Rotary Engine - DIY Kit

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1/4 Mazda 13B Rotary Scale Engine made by dbsworks.

  • Highly detailed from top to bottom.
  • Realistic dimensions, all bolts and holes are represented.
  • Highly detailed Intake manifold and rotor housings.
  • Materials: 3D printed plastic. Avoid direct sunlight or very hot environments.
  • This is a DIY KIT, it requires cutting, sanding, painting... recommended for experienced scale model builders only.

Size: 16x15x17 (centimeters)

The Mazda 13B engine is a unique and iconic rotary engine developed by Mazda. It belongs to the Wankel rotary engine family, known for its compact size and high-revving characteristics. The 13B engine has been prominently featured in Mazda's sports cars, most notably in the RX-7 series.

Featuring a twin-rotor design, the 13B engine is recognized for its smooth power delivery and impressive power-to-weight ratio. Initially introduced in the 1970s, various iterations of the 13B have been produced over the years, each incorporating advancements in technology and engineering.

The rotary engine's distinctive design involves rotating triangular rotors, as opposed to the pistons found in conventional engines. This results in a compact, lightweight powerplant with fewer moving parts, offering a smoother operation and the ability to achieve higher RPMs. However, it also brings unique challenges, such as oil consumption and sealing issues associated with the rotary design.

The 13B engine has become synonymous with Mazda's commitment to innovative engineering, earning praise for its performance in motorsports and contributing to the brand's reputation for producing exhilarating and driver-centric vehicles. While the RX-7 series has been a primary showcase for the 13B, Mazda's rotary engines have also left a lasting impact on automotive enthusiasts and technological enthusiasts alike.

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