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1/4 VR38DETT (Nissan GT-R R35) Scale Engine - DIY Kit

1/4 VR38DETT (Nissan GT-R R35) Scale Engine - DIY Kit

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1/4 scale VR38DETT (Nissan GT-R R35) engine replica.

Packed inside Nissan’s R35 GT-R, the VR38DETT has helped Nissan’s ever-popular Skyline franchise maintain its incredible heritage as quite possibly one of the most cherished brands to be shipped out from the land of the rising sun.

Upon the arrival of the VR38 in 2007, it was immediately evident that this 3.8-liter V6, which pushed out 480bhp from the moment it left the hands of Nissan’s craftsmen, was capable of so much more.

In fact, despite these impressive figures, Nissan had barely scratched the surface with releasing the power that the VR38DETT was truly capable of achieving.

Even now, with the current NISMO model hitting 600bhp in stock form, there’s still potential for so much more.

Although the main power fights are taking place within the drag racing scene, this hasn’t stopped Time Attack teams tweaking their VR’s to shave valuable milliseconds, and drifters ensuring that the ultimate smoke show gets produced for their fans!

What’s incredible with the GT-R is its ability to not only be comfortable enough to be a strong consideration as a daily driver, but it also has far more impressive reliability when compared to cars that are equally capable of delivering a similar amount of power.*

  • Highly detailed from top to bottom.
  • Intake manifold and top cover are removable to show all block details.
  • Realistic dimensions, all bolts and holes are represented
  • Painted to replicate aluminum, plastic, and other surfaces
  • Both exhaust manifold with turbos are represented.
  • Materials: 3D printed plastic and resin. Avoid direct sunlight or very hot environments.
  • This is a DIY KIT, it requires cutting, sanding, painting... recommended for experienced scale model builders only.

PRE-ORDER: starts shipping from mid-January.

Size: 18 x 16.6 x 21(centimeters)

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